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Q&A About Joule, Butler’s Pantry’s New Event Space

Friday, November 20th, 2015

Design Speak: Q&A with Jeanne Whitworth of Butler’s Pantry
By Brittany Nay
Ladue News

Photo by Sara Ketterer

Photo by Sara Ketterer

Butler’s Pantry has expanded its family of event venues with a modern industrial space, Joule. This fall, the almost 50-year-old catering and event-planning company – which also recently restored two historic local venues, The Coronado Ballroom and Piper Palm House – unveiled Joule, a raw warehouse space for intimate wedding ceremonies and receptions, as well as corporate and nonprofit events, next to its contemporary venue, Palladium Saint Louis, in Lafayette Square.

In addition to a newly redesigned event space, the second-generation business also recently announced the birth of Butler’s Pantry Design Studio, a team of skilled design professionals producing creative, stylish event design, from buffet layout and tabletop décor to florals and more.

LN spoke with Jeanne Whitworth, vice-president of sales and catering at Butler’s Pantry, to learn more.

Tell us about the history of the Joule space.

The building that houses Joule went into service as the original power plant for the old City Hospital in 1937 [hence the energy-unit name, Joule]. The actual space was called Machine Hall, as it housed large industrial machinery that would operate to supply and generate power for this massive, multi-blocked hospital.

Why did Butler’s Pantry acquire the building?

It was the chance to offer another exceptional setting in our expanding exclusive-venue portfolio. We had clients asking for raw, industrial warehouse spaces, so we jumped at the chance to provide them with one.

How would you describe the new look of the venue?

The two-story, 4,200-square-foot, modern industrial space can host about 300 guests. You can feel the energy in this space – the original operating crane remains, suspended from the existing truss work; exposed brick surrounds massive 19-foot windows that span the entire length of the room; and an aged-iron feature wall makes the space truly unique.

Tell us about the unique design elements incorporated into the space.

The $400,000 renovation included creating a curved wall at the south end of the space to provide a natural focal point, ceremony backdrop or logical entertainment setup. A theater-style curtain spans the east wall of interior windows, so clients can choose to see into the indoor rock-climbing gym next door or create event privacy. The original crane remains, creating distinctive architectural interest. We didn’t want to over-design this space, so the originality and integrity of the space could shine through.

Did you include any new technology?

We installed state-of-the-art LED lighting in the space – clients can customize a color to perfectly fit their event design. On the west wall, blackout shades were added for climate control and to allow all clients, regardless of the event time frame, the ability to use projection and lighting effectively.

What sets this venue apart?

This venue exists in a communal setting – the former power plant is home to Climb So iLL and Element, as well as Joule. The perk is clients can choose how and if their event interacts with these other entities. Part of the Joule renovation also included a courtyard build-out, perfect for cocktail hour, a cigar lounge or a visual link between Joule and Palladium Saint Louis – as the two spaces can be used together.

How is the venue being received?

Fantastic! It is definitely filling a void in the St. Louis venue market. People are starting to think differently in event hosting/producing, and the concept behind Joule is innovative and different – people like getting behind something like that.

Describe the events held there so far and what you expect to book in the future.

So far, a corporate event, wedding ceremony and a wedding cocktail hour held in combination with the reception at Palladium Saint Louis. A nonprofit board dinner and a few corporate holiday parties are booked for December. We have held stand-alone events, as well as events with Climb So iLL and Palladium Saint Louis. We plan to book these types of events, as well as smaller weddings, in the future.

Original article can be found here.

Butler’s Boardroom Rave Reviews

Thursday, November 19th, 2015

Our Butler’s Boardroom team is dedicated to providing quality catering & customer service. We love hearing from our clients about their experience with us. Take a look at some recent rave reviews we received! Have you had a good experience with Butler’s Boardroom? Let us know by reviewing us on Facebook or Yelp!

“I cannot say enough good things about my 2 experiences using Butler’s Pantry in the past month! Our hospital Development Board Dinner meeting at Joule on November 5th was AMAZING. Jeanne Whitworth was fabulous to work with in all aspects of planning! The food was phenomenal – everyone at the meeting was raving about it! The 2nd meeting was yesterday, November 18. I ordered off the Butler’s Boardroom catering menu for delivery here at the Foundation offices. I spoke with Jackie Stout who was extremely friendly and helpful. Our food order was delivered on time, boxed beautifully and again – the food was DELICIOUS! As I told Jackie on the phone – I plan A LOT of meetings and events for the St. Louis Children’s Hospital Foundation and I now have Butler’s Pantry on my speed dial for all my catering needs! THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY JOB EASIER WITH YOUR EXCELLENT SERVICE!!”

“Always delicious, and always friendly, helpful, professional service! The shrimp were especially popular, and guests appreciate the fruit included in the cheese platter. Butler’s is always my first choice, because I know I can rely on the quality and service. I have never had a disappointing experience with Butler’s, either as a client or a guest, and I can’t say that about any other caterer in town.”

Treat the Office to a Holiday Lunch at Piper Palm House!

Monday, November 16th, 2015


How To Be A Good Guest at Holiday Parties

Friday, November 6th, 2015

How To Be A Good Guest at Holiday Parties
November 5, 2015
By Bryce Sanders

At last, the holidays are here! You’ve received several invitations to parties in private homes. You are going onstage, cast in the role of party guest.

Time to consider some behavioral do’s and don’ts that might increase the chances you will be invited back again.

Key strategies

RSVP – You received a hard cardstock invitation or an online invite. Give your answer in a timely manner. If you don’t, it implies you are waiting to see if something better comes along before you commit.
Bring a gift – Flowers are good. An appropriately wrapped bottle of wine or chocolates works. A large-format bottle of wine (3 liters or larger) really stands out. Good wine shops get them in December. Expect to pay about $50.
Arrive on time – If it’s a cocktail party, there’s an acceptable half hour window starting at the time on the invitation. If it’s a dinner party, you arrive on the dot.
Greet the host – Even if the party is in full swing, seek out your hosts and thank them for the invitation. Circle back before you leave, thanking them again.
Bring a check and small bills – The check is necessary if it’s a charity event. The small bills are useful if the host has arranged for valet parking.
Circulate – You have a role to play. Help get the party started. Seek out people who aren’t talking with others. Ask questions, let them do the talking.
Thank your hosts – Hand write a thank-you note the next day. E-mail is OK but a little impersonal. They welcomed you into their home. This deserves thanks.

What to avoid

Not showing up – You aren’t in the mood so you don’t go. You rationalize: “It’ll be a mob scene. They won’t miss me.” Your host made preparations for a specific number of guests.
Bring an uninvited guest – Most invitations include a “plus one.” Your host likely knows if you are married or in a relationship. If you aren’t sure, call and discreetly inquire.
Be the last to leave – Parties move along until someone announces they have to leave. Most guests depart within 15 to 30 minutes. Some linger forever. Don’t be the guest keeping your hosts from turning out the lights and heading to bed.
Pursue your own agenda – It’s a hospital fundraiser. You see a person you’ve been meaning to approach for the animal shelter. You sit down and make a pitch for your charity. If your hosts invited guests to support their event, it’s rude to piggyback your cause.
Lead with business – Don’t start conversations talking about your work or seeking to create a need. If people ask “What do you to?” talking about work is fine. It’s a social party, not a networking event.
Drink too much – Hosts are petrified of guests having accidents on the way home. Having too many drinks and getting loud makes other guest uncomfortable. Know your limits.

Having good social skills is an advantage in your business, social and personal life. It opens doors.

Original article found at: St. Louis Business Journal

Joule Has Arrived!

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015

What a way to welcome Joule to the St. Louis event scene! From street drummers upon arrival to a suspended, upside-down centerpiece in the middle of the room, to grape caviar and a buffalo chicken ‘donut’…the Open House last night was a blast! To all who came (and those there in spirit)… THANK YOU for your support! To all of the vendors who teamed up with us to put on such a fun & unique event – BBJ Linen, The Aries Company, Tim Sessions with TalentPlus, Butler’s Pantry Design Studio, Sara Ketterer Photography & Exclusive Events, Inc. THANK YOU for your partnership.

We’re happy to say, Joule has arrived! Take a look at photo highlights from the event below.











Photos by: Sara Ketterer

Butler’s Pantry Design Studio Brings Creative Event Design

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

Butler’s Pantry Announces Cutting Edge Services Available with Design Studio
St. Louis Post Dispatch
October 25, 2015
By Tarina

Butler’s Pantry is pleased to announce the newest addition to the family, Butler’s Pantry Design Studio. The St. Louis caterer is offering a team of skilled design professionals to produce creative, stylish event design.

“Butler’s Pantry events are not only produced, they are designed,” said Richard Nix Jr., President of Butler’s Pantry. “Our design experts have been a part of the family for many years. They are experts in the field and appreciate clients’ desires for top-of-the-line events.”

Butler’s Pantry Design Studio is prepared to assist guests with buffet design, tabletop décor, florals and more.

“A buffet, whether it be for a wedding or community affair, is not just an arrangement of foods; a buffet is a welcome to your event,” continued Nix. “It’s important that every element comes together for a cohesive, memorable celebration.”

Now, Butler’s Pantry offers not only a broad spectrum of design but also an innovative approach to every aspect of event planning. From a premier event venue to unique event design and an unparalleled culinary experience, Butler’s Pantry events are unforgettable.

Rebecca Miller-Harris will serve as the Director of Visual Design at Butler’s Pantry. “Being involved with Butler’s Pantry has been remarkable, I love my job. Managing our team while applying the skills I learned from a long career in floral design is a pleasure. I am very eager to continue to create and execute events that are memorable for all who attend,” said Miller-Harris. Miller-Harris currently resides in Maplewood.

Julie Williams is the Manager of Visual Design at Butler’s Pantry. “Highlighting nature’s bounty is an appreciation that stems from my upbringing near Lake St. Louis,” said Williams. “I look forward to combining my admiration for nature and events with my 11 years of client experience at Butler’s Pantry to produce unparalleled client experiences.” Williams currently resides in Bridgeton.

Original article found HERE.

Give & Receive This Holiday Season!

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

Give & receive this holiday season! Starting November 2015 through December 2015, when you purchase a $50 gift certificate to Bixby’s at Missouri History Museum or Cafe Madeleine at Piper Palm House, you’ll receive a $25 gift certificate* to present to a loved one! What better way to celebrate the season of giving?!

Offer available only for a limited time. Purchase your Bixby’s gift certificates online at Purchase Cafe Madeleine gift certificates by calling 314-575-5658.

*$25 gift certificate is valid January – February 2016

BP Receives Best in Quality Award

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015


We’re so honored to receive Small Business Monthly’s Best of the Best in Business award for Best in Quality! We strive to provide exceptional food & service to all of our clients & customers! The interview below with President Richard Nix Jr. was featured in Small Business Monthly:

What is your best advice for other business owners to find success in business?
Patience – perseverance – precision – planning – passion. It is very important to love what you do and inspire others to be just as happy.

Smartest move you have made with your business in the past year?
Signing on the Coronado Ballroom as an exclusive venue. First, being able to restore and renovate this beautiful piece of St. Louis history was an honor. Second, offering this unique, classic ballroom to our clients and patrons provides a very different ambience from our other offerings. Third, the Coronado’s location is perfect, situated on the historic Lindell in the heart of Saint Louis University Campus. Finally, the Coronado provides an opportunity and challenge to our sales, operations and culinary team.

BP Design Studio Rave Review

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

We so appreciate getting feedback from our amazing clients. Here’s a recent review we received for our in-house floral/design department, Butler’s Pantry Design Studio.

“Becky, Flowers were amazing, perfect exactly what I envisioned!!! Loved every choice of flower and foliage and the way they were arranged – and you know how obsessive i am about flowers.
So fabulous! I love what you did with the coffee bags too. Everyone just loved the arrangements and all the St. Louis guests wanted to know who did them. You were so great to work with. Thanks for doing such a wonderful job. Thanks again.”

Packages Made Easy… All Wrapped Up With A Bow!

Thursday, October 1st, 2015

It’s never too early to wrap up plans for your winter holiday party!

Butler’s Pantry is offering packages made easy… all wrapped up with a bow! Choose from 3 “All-In” options at four of our exclusive venues: Palladium Saint Louis, The Coronado, Piper Palm House & now, Joule! Offer available December 2015 through February 2016 – any day of the week! (Additional rental fees apply for Fridays & Saturdays)

Your All-In options include a: Cocktail Party at $50 per guest, Dinner at $75 per guest, or Enhanced dinner at $100 per guest. Includes catering fee & tax based on a minimum guest count of 75.

Click the PDF link for more information about your package options:
All In Package Options

Book today to take advantage of this limited time promotion. Call a sales representative today for more details.

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