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Butler’s Pantry Voted Best Caterer in St. Louis in the 2015 Feast 50

Tuesday, August 4th, 2015

We are so honored to be voted Best Caterer in St. Louis in the 2015 Feast 50! We’re so thankful for our incredible staff & clients who support us & challenge us to be creative & cutting edge in our industry. Creating inspired, signature menus for our clients is our passion & we’re excited to continue doing that as we commemorate our 50th year in 2016!

Take a look at our Q&A on Feast 50 below:

Mediterranean Salad Stack of Red & Gold Beets, Feta, Red Pepper & Microgreens on Farro

Butler’s Pantry was voted the best caterer in St. Louis in the 2015 Feast 50. This Q&A was conducted with vice president of marketing and development Maggie Barton.

Tell us about a few of the signature dishes served at your restaurant, and how they embody your work. The beauty of our business is that we are constantly creating custom, inspired menus for our clients. Thus, our signature dish is really whatever may be meaningful and “signature” to each of our clients!

What have been some milestones in your career so far? We are looking at our 50th year in operation in 2016! That is quite a milestone, and we take pride in the fact that even though we’ve been around for nearly five decades, we are focused on remaining at the cutting edge of all things catering. Butler’s Pantry is a second-generation, family run company that started with a few [people] and now employs over 500 full- and part-time employees. We also consider our involvement with LCA (Leading Caterers of America) as a milestone worth celebrating. LCA is essentially an elite network of caterers across the country, known to be leaders in their markets and trendsetters in the industry. LCA gives us an opportunity to share creativity and best practices.

Clearly your work has resonated with diners – what would you attribute this to, and what does it mean to you? We are so incredibly fortunate to have clients who both allow us and challenge us to get creative in an effort to customize each catered experience. This unparalleled experience is felt in food presentation and taste, unique touches added to table tops and stations, and above all, through the individuals working on each event, from president to catering manager, from chef to waitstaff. It is truly our people that make the difference and ensure guests have an unforgettable catered experience.

What do you hope to see happen next in the local food scene, and why? We hope to see an expanded use of different proteins! How often do we see chicken or filet on a menu, in a restaurant or catered? We love when clients are open to serving lamb, duck, Cornish hen, even an approachable seafood option like sea bass, to all of their guests!

Whether it’s developing a dish or an entire food or drink menu, where do you get your inspiration? What inspires you and motivates you to do the work that you do? Travel will always provide paramount inspiration! More and more I see the internet having a hand in driving inspiration as well — our clients hand us photos from Pinterest instead of recipes. We make it a point to listen constantly; it’s our customers’ wants and needs that can challenge and inspire us on a daily basis. It should be noted that we are incredibly fortunate to live, work and play in a city where we have such a talented pool of chefs and restaurateurs — they too challenge our creativity!

What’s next for you and your work? Stay tuned for a brand refresh and new website in 2016 to commemorate the 50th year! As for this year, we have some really unique and distinctive party locations to add (or re-introduce) to our extensive list of venues.

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Executive Chef Greg Weighs In On His Favorite Protein-Packed Dish!

Tuesday, July 28th, 2015

Butler’s Pantry Executive Chef Greg Ziegenfuss discusses one of his favorite protein dishes in Catersource July/August 2015 issue: Mushrooms! Check out the article & his recipe for Fricassee of Forest Mushrooms below.


“Mushrooms can provide more than great taste and texture in meals,” Ziegenfuss says. “They actually have surprisingly high nutritional value.” Mushrooms are naturally low in fat, carbs, sodium, cholesterol and calories, while boasting a healthy dose of antioxidants, dietary fiber, essential minerals, vitamins and unique proteins.

Over the past five years, Ziegenfuss notes that vegetarian cuisine and related dietary requests have increased greatly in the catering world. “We have to be creative while getting in front of trends and dietary needs to present delicious, as well as ‘eye’ appealing meals. Mushrooms fit nicely in the delicious category and only require a small amount of a healthy, flavorful fat for cooking. Try adding extra virgin olive oil, herbs, garlic, wine, or fortified wine to maintain the nutritious element while still tasting great.” For an eye-appealing dish, the chef suggests selecting mushrooms with different shapes and textures, such as with his recipe below.

Speaking to the increased interest in vegetarian options, the chef noted, “We have improved our kitchen and catering menus to incorporate seasonal, veggie-friendly meals.” For example, Butler’s Pantry recently launched a seasonal vegetarian tasting menu that includes options such as herb gnocchi with arugula pesto, spring peas, tendrils, and shaved parmesan; eggplant roulade with goat cheese, arugula, peppers, mushrooms, and Israeli cous cous; and butternut ravioli with lemon garlic butter and shaved parmesan. The mushroom dish can be served as a first course for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. It can also be made vegan by omitting the butter and substituting extra virgin olive oil. With the addition of grain, rice, or legumes, the dish can also be served as a fulfilling entrée for vegetarians.

CLICK HERE for the full article & recipe for Fricassee of Forest Mushrooms!

Original article in Catersource.

Packages Made Easy… All Wrapped Up With A Bow!

Tuesday, July 21st, 2015

It’s never too early to wrap up plans for your winter holiday party!

Butler’s Pantry is offering packages made easy… all wrapped up with a bow! Choose from 3 “All-In” options at two of our exclusive venues: Palladium Saint Louis & The Coronado. Offer available December 2015 through February 2016 – any day of the week! (Additional rental fees apply for Fridays & Saturdays)

Your All-In options include a: Cocktail Party at $50 per guest, Dinner at $75 per guest, or Enhanced dinner at $100 per guest. Includes catering fee & tax based on a minimum guest count of 75.

Click the PDF link for more information about your package options:
All-In Package Options

Book today to take advantage of this limited time promotion. Call a sales representative today for more details.

Historic Venue Receives $300,000 Makeover

Tuesday, July 21st, 2015


Refreshed Iconic Ballroom is Ideal for Weddings, Corporate Events, Galas and Social Events

Butler’s Pantry, the exclusive caterer for The Coronado, is pleased to announce a $300,000 facelift to the facility. Improvements to the historic venue, located at 3701 Lindell Boulevard, include new flooring, fresh paint, lighting, drapery, tables and chairs, updated event space, cocktail bars and more.

Lavish Schonbek chandeliers in the South Ballroom, modernized LED lighting for the Grand Ballroom and custom drapery between the South Ballroom and Grand Ballroom are three of the major improvements. With this new drapery, the area can accommodate both intimate gatherings and large events.

The removal of carpet in The Bradshaw Room unveiled an original terrazzo floor. Carpet tiles have been installed in a harlequin pattern, mimicking the authentic terrazzo floor in the Ballroom, as an ode to the building’s history and charm. The Bradshaw Room boasts an LCD projection screen and accommodates up to 130 guests.

“It has been a privilege working on this historic venue,” said Richard Nix Jr., President of Butler’s Pantry. “We pride ourselves in our attention to detail and our top priority was to refresh the remarkable features of this cherished landmark.”

Local experts assisted with the project, including Commercial Installation Construction; independent architectural designer, Mark Herman; Flooring Systems Inc.; Sunshine Drapery & Interior Design; PayneCrest Electric; Edward Simon Painting Company; and Aries Company.

The building, built in 1926 by Preston Bradshaw, received an extravagant renovation in 2003. Restorations included a breathtaking barrel-vaulted Ballroom, state-of-the-art kitchen facilities, illuminating floor tiles and a majestic Grand Lobby with a large stone fireplace. The 10,000-square-foot Ballroom hosts one of the few remaining terrazzo floors in the United States.

Butler’s Pantry, a second-generation business founded in 1966, is the exclusive caterer at The Coronado. To host your event at the refreshed venue, please call 314.881.4346.

About Butler’s Pantry
Butler’s Pantry provides innovative and creative catering services for corporate functions, social events, NFP galas and weddings of all sizes. Located in Lafayette Square, Palladium Saint Louis is their premier event venue, accommodating up to 400 seated or 700 standing. Bixby’s, the public restaurant located on the second floor of the Missouri History Museum, serves lunch daily and Sunday brunch. With a focus on Dining with Local Influence, Bixby’s was voted one of “America’s Best” museum restaurants by Travel + Leisure. Butler’s Pantry also operates Café Madeleine, serving French-inspired Sunday brunch in the Piper Palm House in Tower Grove Park, the oldest greenhouse west of the Mississippi River. The newest brand opened in spring of 2013: Piccione Pastry is the only late-night Italian pastry shop of its kind in the St. Louis area, featuring single-serve Italian desserts and rich Italian coffees.




5 BBQ Tips from BP’s BBQ Expert

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015


To us, the summer months mean spending more time with an outdoor grill! Our resident BBQ expert & chef at Butler’s Pantry, Chuck Friedhoff, gives a few pointers that will help elevate your own backyard creations. Just in time for Fourth of July, or any summer event where you’re itching to barbeque!

Or if you’d rather have your meat prepared for you, order the ‘Chuck’wagon for pick up, delivery or full service! Try smoked ‘dirty’ wings, smoked pork shoulder, grilled baby back ribs, dill potato salad, red pepper beans, cherry cobbler and much more. Call 314.664.7680 to order today!

Tip #1: Proper Meat Selection
Anything that is going to be cooked over an indirect heat source for an extended period of time using charcoal and wood should contain a good amount of fat. The fat will render down and keep the protein moist. This is barbeque, like brisket, pork shoulder or Boston butt and chicken thighs.

Anything that is intended to be cooked over direct heat for a shorter amount of time should be leaner and tenderer cuts. The heat source here may vary from charcoal to propane. This is grilling, like chicken breast, pork tenderloin, beef flank steak, rib eye, filet).

Tip #2: Brining
Brining is a process similar to marination in which meat or poultry is soaked in brine before cooking. Salt is added to cold water in a container, where the meat is to soak from anywhere from 3 minutes or as long as, but not limited to, 3 days. The amount of time needed to brine depends on the size of the meat and its intended purpose. More time is needed for a large turkey than say smoked shrimp or chicken wings. Similarly the cooking time of a large roast is much greater than a thin flank steak.

Brining makes cooked meat more moist by hydrating the cells of its muscle tissue before cooking via the process of osmosis and by allowing the cells to hold onto the water while they are being cooked. The increased salinity of the brine penetrates the protein and brings with it any flavoring you add to the brine. Examples of additional flavor are: sweet tea, maple, honey, fresh herbs, garlic, chili or any combination you as the cook would like!

Tip #3: Marinating
Marination is also used to add flavor, but will also tenderize leaner cuts meats. Marinating usually includes an acidic ingredient that is always balanced with oil. The addition of other aromatics is added to for flavor. Examples include garlic, fresh herbs and spices. Marinades are added to the surface of meat and allowed to soak or marinate for a desired amount of time before being cooked. Usually marinated foods are grilled.

Tip #4: Seasoning
Seasoning is the most important part of cooking. The barbeque business is booming as of late. The market is flooded with different spice rubs from varying restaurants, competitive BBQ teams and famous chefs. Choose your favorite, just remember to use it!

Tip #5: Sauce
Again, barbeque is now big business. Some say that competitive barbeque will one day be as big as NASCAR. Trying different sauces is fun and interesting. Some families have several different sauces they like. My personal advice is to not hide behind your sauce selection. Make sure that sauce will only highlight your hard work and impressive skills on the grill!

Beautiful Shots of Rehearsal Dinner at MHM

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

What a delight it was to provide catering for a lovely couple’s rehearsal dinner at the Missouri History Museum! We crafted the menu to suit the couple’s taste and overall vision for their event. Guests dined on Field Greens for their first course – spring mixed greens, seasonal berries, citrus, balsamic onion, crispy sweet potato hay & a honey lime vinaigrette. Second course was Sauteed Medallions of Chicken, served with a rich marsala chicken jus on a bed of spinach and rice. Dessert was a trio of sweets: traditional cheesecake topped with fresh raspberries, chocolate torte with lemon sauce & chocolate truffle with caramel sauce. Yum!

The raspberry linens were such a bright and cheery pop of color at the event! And we’re loving the gorgeous shots of the Missouri History Museum by Zach Dalin Photography. Check out the photo highlights below.
Catering: Butler’s Pantry
Venue: Missouri History Museum
Photographer: Zach Dalin Photography

Another Great Event Thanks to Our Service Staff!

Monday, June 29th, 2015

Our service staff work hard at every single one of our events, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. We appreciate them so much! Our event at the Touhill last week was a great success because of their hard work and effort.







Highlights from an Italian Wine Garden Themed Wedding

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

We were so delighted to be involved with an ‘Italian Wine Garden’ themed wedding. A not-so-traditional venue was transformed into a beautiful & romantic wedding space. Check out photo highlights from the wedding below.
Photos by: Sara Ketterer

























Catering: Butler’s Pantry

Draping: Exclusive Events, Inc.

Florals: Thorn Studio

Coordination: Cosmopolitan Events

‘Chuck’wagon Is Rolling Into Butler’s Pantry!

Thursday, June 18th, 2015

Butler’s Pantry introduces The ‘Chuck’wagon, the 2015 summer BBQ menu that is sure to please guests of all ages. Enjoy a variety of starters, sides, salads, specialties, BBQ sauces, relishes, sweets and more from Butler’s Pantry’s BBQ expert, Chuck Friedhoff. Try smoked ‘dirty’ wings, dill potato salad, red pepper beans, smoked pork shoulder, grilled baby back ribs, cherry cobbler and much more. The ‘Chuck’wagon is available for pick up, delivery and full service. Restrictions apply. For more information or to view The ‘Chuck’wagon menu, please visit

“Every Dad deserves a savory BBQ for Father’s Day without the work,” said Richard Nix Jr., President of Butler’s Pantry. “Butler’s Pantry is honoring his wishes with some incredibly diverse and delicious options. The ‘Chuck’wagon menu selections will satisfy everyone on Father’s Day and throughout the entire summer!”

This Father’s Day (Sunday, June 21), Butler’s Pantry will host brunch at two distinctive locations. Café Madeleine, located in the Piper Palm House in Tower Grove Park, will host brunch in the oldest standing greenhouse west of the Mississippi; Bixby’s, located on the second floor of the Missouri History Museum, will offer award-winning brunch with panoramic views of Forest Park. Each brunch will feature a hearty Dad-inspired menu and Dad will receive a special gift to take home. Or, stay home, relax and let Butler’s Pantry bring The ‘Chuck’wagon’ to you. Butler’s Pantry’s 2015 Summer BBQ menu, The ‘Chuck’wagon, is available for delivery, pick up or full service this Father’s Day.
Photos by: Cassandra Lu

















Stunning Highlights from Buddha Ball

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

It was so delightful being a part of Buddha Ball, an absolutely gorgeous debutante ball complete with whimsical decor, colorful flowers & beautiful dresses! Take a look at some of the highlights at this lovely event:























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